A project of the SRITA Association


The “Guide to Romania” program presented on www.visitromania.info.ro is an initiative of Srita Association, which was born from the respect for cultures and from the love of nature. The team of volunteers involved in this program believe that the values, which are represented by the rich cultural and natural treasures of Romania, should be known and shared with others. These values ​​are often ignored, either not well known, either tend to be taken for granted. Did you know that you can find the world’s largest heliothermic lake in Transylvania? Did you know that there is a county in Romania where thirteen national minorities are represented, whose culture and patrimony leaves its fingerprint on the towns, villages? Do you know places where you can find Romanian, Hungarian, Saxon, Armenian and Jewish monuments all in one town?

In addition to presenting these values ​​we believe in sustainable tourism and rural development. It depends on us all whether these fragile treasures will be available for future generations or not. It depends on us whether the protected flora and fauna will be really protected, and also depends on us whether cultural values ​​will be maintained or not. Photos appearing on the website reflect the routes we traveled, treasures we have visited. All these activities serve to a better knowledge of Transylvania and Romania, but also to facilitate sustainable tourism and rural development.

Such a website can never be really finished. There are always new, interesting places, species or places discovered that are worth to be shown to others. We continually develop the website, adding new sites each week. If you want to contribute to our work you can do this in several ways: you can share with us descriptions, photos, you can draw our attention to values ​​found by you, or you can join our team formed by volunteers.