A project of the SRITA Association

Launching of www.visitromania.info.ro

Webpage www.visitromania.info.ro, Presenting the Cultural and Natural Treasures of Romania, Launched on November 3, 2014

“We are organizing a family trip, but we have not yet decided where to go, what to visit.”

“Are you interested in visiting the castles or churches of Saxon or Sekler Land?”

“Would you like to take walking tours in a town or just drive in the countryside?”

The www.visitromania.info.ro webpage, developed by Srita Association, aims to answer such and similar questions. We can decide if we want to visit historical monuments and protected areas, or both. We can choose the counties, the region that we are interested in, then by seeing the pictures and reading the descriptions we can decide exactly what to visit in Romania. If in the course of our tours we see interesting plants, butterflies or birds, we can search the site and identify them with the help of the pictures and descriptions.

Indeed such a website may never be completely finished. Romania has a large number of known and lesser known attractions, so we will be able to develop the website for a long time and show something new each occasion you visit us. The website created by a small but enthusiastic volunteer team develop the website weekly, so the reader will find new destinations to visit. The existence of such webpages is important to us, because it matters what image the tourists make of the region, of Romania during their visit, whether they find the attractions, whether they get to know the local culture, and whether they treat the values ​​encountered during their visit responsibly or not.

On the day of the launching we present on our website more than 100 destinations in English, Romanian and Hungarian. From now on another 40-50 destinations and routes will be uploaded on a monthly basis. Besides, the public will find call for applications, therefore it is worth coming back often. We hope that our initiative will contribute to the presentation of Romanian destinations and treasures.