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Biertan and surroundings

From road DN14, which links Medias and Sighisoara, on Saros pe Tarnave we head towards Biertan. Along the road, on the right side, we pass next to the Lutheran church from  Saros pe Tarnave. After the first stop we move on to Biertan. It is worthwhile to spend more time visiting, we can not just walk in the fortress, but also in the village. Unlike other Saxon villages in Romania, here we find especially renovated Saxon houses. Following our visit to Biertan, we can move toward the fortified churches of Copsa Mare and Valchid. None of these churches are in as good a condition as the church from Biertan, but both are good examples of Saxon fortifications built in Gothic style. From Copsa Mare we arrive to Valchid on causeway, but from Valchid we can reach the road DN14 on paved road.