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Avramide House (Tulcea)

The Avramide-house is one of the most beautiful buildings in Tulcea. The house was built by the Albanian Alexe Avramide and his wife, Elvira between 1897 and 1900. The builders were Italian masters, the furniture was brought from Vienna by Alexe. The building shows Eclectic and neo-Classic elements. Alexe Avramide was born in Greece, so their house was built in the Greek district of Tulcea. Until the nationalization (1948) the house was in family’s posession, after that, from 1950 it served as a museum. After 1989 the successors required the restitution of their property from the state. After entering into possession the house was donated to the city of Tulcea, on the condition that it must be integrated into the cultural life of the city. Today it works as and Art Museum where many cultural events take place. Access: Progresului (Progress) street, no 32.