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Bear Cave (Chiscau)

The Bear Cave, discovered in 1975, is located at the eastern end of Chiscau village (Kiskoh in Hungarian). The 200 million years old cave contains invaluable fossil and natural resources: cave bear (Ursus spelaeus) and stalactite formations. It was named after the 17 thousand year old cave bear remains, which were found completely intact. There are only four of these intact ice-age cave bear remains that we know of in Europe. The intact skeleton can be viewed during the visit to the cave. The cave is open to visitors since 1980. It is about 488 feet long and spans three rooms. In addition to the bear remains the cave is also rich with amazing stalactite formations: draperies, candles, petrified cascades. A guided tour of the cave is available after purchasing a ticket.
Getting there: By car: On the E79 road linking Beius to Vascau we turn towards Sudrigiu. From Sudrigiu we drive another 15 km towards Chiscau village.  By train: Train ticket from Oradea to Sudrigiu can be purchased; interregios and intercities don’t stop at this station, thus so called “personal” (pessenger) train should be looked for. From Sudrigiu there is another 15 kms left until the entrance to the cave.