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Black-headed Bunting

The Black-headed Bunting (Emberiza melanocephala) is a bird specie from the order of passerines, family of buntings (Emberizidae). It is found in Eastern Europe and Near East. In Romania only nests in Dobrogea area, preferring lowlands, and  open plains.

The body length is 16-17 cms. It is easy to recognize the male, as it has black head and yellow underparts, meanwhile the upperparts are brownish. The female is similar to a sparrow, but its underparts are yellow. It is a migratory bird, we can see them during the months of April-September. The nest is built on trees, shrubs or on the ground, if the plants are sufficiently dense to keep the predators away.  The female lays 4-5 eggs, the chicks hatch in two weeks, in an additional two weeks they are able to fly. They feed on insects and parts of plants, seeds.

The global population is estimated to 8-27 million individuals, in Romania their number is considered to be 29-45 nesting pairs.