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Brown Bear

The brown bear (Ursus arctos) is part of the carnivore order, Ursidae family. It is spread in Asia, Europa, North-America until North Mexico. In Europe it is common in Scandinavia, Alps and Carphatian Mountains. The largest brown bear population lives in Russia. In Romania the specie lives in deciduous and pine forests in the mountains. In the past years, due to the inappropriate waste management, it also appears in villages and towns in the mountains.The body lenght is 170-220 cms, height 90-120 cms, weight de 100-600 kgs. It is active both during the day and night, but if it is disturbed becomes less active during the day. Avoids humans, it can be seen very rarely. It is an omnivorous species, twothird of its diet consists of plants, fruits, roots, seeds. It also feeds on honey, insects, eggs, fish, mammals. The number of brown bears living in the Romanian Carphatians is estimated to 7500-8000 exemplaries. It is strictly protected.