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Common Swift

The Common swift (Apus apus) is a bird from the order of Apodiformes, family of Apodidae. It nests in Europe, Asia and North-Africa. It winters on the southern territories of Africa. It regularly nests in Romania, we can see them in the months between April and September. The body length is 16-17 cms, wingspan between 42 and 48 cms, meanwhile the weight is 31-56 grams. There is no sexual dimorphism. The common swifts spend most of their life in the air, they even mate in the air. The nest is built nearby human settlements, on the cavities of buildings, towers, holes carved by other birds inside the trees, or loess walls. They feed on insects which are also caught in the air. The European population is estimated to a 6.9-11 million nesting pairs, the number of Romanians is estimated to 10-20 thousand nesting pairs. The oldest swift was 21 years old.