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Grey wagtail

The grey wagtail (Motacilla cinerea) is a passerine bird from the family of wagtails (Motacillidae). It nests in Europe and Asia. Prefers mountainous and hilly areas near riversides. It is a resident bird in Romania, we can see them in any season.

The body length is 18-19 cm, wingspan 25-27 cm, and weight 14-22 grams. Both male and female have similar feathers. As specific for wagtails, it has long tail and it is constantly wagging it. The back parts are grey, the underparts are yellow. During the mating season the male has black throat. The nest is built between the cracks of stones. The female lays 4-6 eggs, the chicks hatch in 11-14 days, in 13-14 days they leave the nest.  They feed on insects.

The European population is estimated to 740 thousand – 1 million pairs, the number of those living in Romania are 340-385 thousand pairs. The oldest ringed grey wagtail was 8 years old.