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Máriaffy castle (Sângeorgiu de Mureş)

Sângeorgiu de Mureş (Marosszentgyörgy in Hungarian) used to be the estate of the Count Petki family, who had a Renaissaince mansion on the site of the present castle which was built in 1640. The Máriaffy family acquired the estate through marriage, and it was them who rebuilt and redesigned the mansion into the eclectic style castle we see today. From the main road, walking through the former garden, we reach the rear facade of the castle, but since the building is guarded by the gendarmerie, the more ornate front façade facing the river Mures cannot be seen. The castle used to have 70 hectare of park and a fish pond around it, but by now all this is gone.  Although during the years of nationalization it hosted several institutions, since the regime change it is abandoned and steadily deteriorating. The heirs reclaimed and were given back to the castle, which they sold to the local council. Although the local government has plans for the castle, there are no signs of the renovation which is becoming more urgent every day.

Location: Main street, nr. 1225.