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Swiss-House (Tulcea)

The building of the former Austrian consulate in Tulcea is also named as the Swiss-house. There are no data about the origin of this name, but it is certain that in 1864 the Austrian consulate operated here, later was owned by the Jewish photojournalist Iosif Bergman. There is no data about its founding date, but the building could conquer for the title of the oldest house in Tulcea city. It housed several institutions, for example the Romanian legionary party, after the nationalization some institutions of the mayor’s office and a library. The house was returned to Iosif Bergman’s successors in 2010, after a lengthy litigation, but it is deteriorated, in urgent need of renovation. It is the only Tyrolean-style building found in Dobrogea.

Access: 9 Mai Street, no. 4.