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Synagogue (Tulcea)

A substantial Jewish community existed before the First World War at Tulcea city, their proportion was around 10% in the city, now their number is less than 30 persons. The city had a total of three synagogues, a Jewish school and Jewish funeral home. Out of these, today only the Babadag Street Synagogue can be seen, built by the Jewish community in 1888. The other buildings, along with hundreds of Jewish houses were swept away from the face of the earth during Communism, so that their place could be taken over by flats. This is why the synagogue stands squeezed between blocks of flats, in the former Jewish district. Almost nothing was left of the once Jewish Quarter, as well as the Turkish bazaar. The synagoue was restored in 2010-2012 by the Romanian Jewish community with state aid. Inside the church, still can be seen the original mosaic floor, as well as the chandeliers which are as old as the church. The façade of the building is proportional, with two robust towers.

Access: Babadag street, no. 71-73.