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Teleki castle (Dumbravioara)

The estate was donated by prince Mihály Apafi I. to Count Mihály Teleki in 1674. The estate remained in the Teleki family until the nationalization in 1948. The founder of the Teleki Library, Count Sámuel Teleki erected the Dumbravioara (Sáromberke in Hungarian) castle in 1769. His passion for collecting books is attested by the library comprised of more than 40 000 volumes that he built up until his death and left to his heirs specifying that it should also be accessible to the public. Sáromberke castle consists of two parts, each 60 m long, one-story buildings. Until the Second World War a shingled riding hall and a 60 acres park belonged to the castle. The riding hall was demolished by the family, the park vanished during the years of communism. The present form of the building was achieved courtesy of the great-grandson of Sámuel Teleki, the Africa researcher Count Sámuel Teleki at the beginning of the 20th century.  It is at this time when the Neo-Baroque style central wing with Neo-baroque plaster decorations was built, electricity and water installed. The Africa researcher and collector amassed a priceless collection of book, arms, paintings, and hunting trophies which decorated the castle. These were all destroyed in the devastation after World War II. The inhabitants of the village burnt the park trees, collections, archival materials, took away all the antique furniture and equipment. After the nationalization an agricultural school functioned in the building. After 1989 the heirs reclaimed and got back the castle in 2010.

Localization: The castle is located at Principala (Main) street no. 340.