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Former Turkish Gendarmerie (Tulcea)

The former Turkish gendarmerie, despite the fact that it is a historic monument it’s not a spectacular building. It’s very easy to overlook it if we are not aware of the history of the building. It was built in 1868 by Ismail Bey, one of the seven beys and pashas appointed by the Sultan as leader of Sanjak (Turkish territorial unit). Ismail bey collects money from donations to build a Turkish school, but his plans have failed due to appointment of Fahry bey on his place in 1871. The newly appointed Bey was a strategist, so the Turkish school has never operated in the building. Instead, the building served as the residence of the Turkish gendarmerie. After the Russian-Romanian-Turkish War, Romania received Dobrogea, therefore the building was used by the Town Hall of Tulcea. Today the building is used by a local firm.

Access: November 14 Street, no. 3, Tulcea.