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Turkish Mosque (Tulcea)

The Abdulaziz Mosque or Azzizie Mosque was built in 1863, and is called after Sultan Abdul Aziz. In the courtyard of the mosque served the Kadi (the Muslim judge) and the Muftiate (administrative territorial unit where the Turkish Mufti served) was here. It is the largest mosque in Dobrogea, having square plan, built of 85 cm (about 33.4 in) thick walls of stone. If we visit Tulcea on Friday, and we take a walk nearby the mosque at noon, we can hear the Azan, the call to prayer. The Muslim religious rule says that praying five times a day is mandatory. The Turks, Tatars and Roma Muslims from Tulcea go to pray in the mosque on Friday noons. At the entrance it is mandatory to take our shoes of before visiting the mosque! Near the mosque we can also see the former Turkish school.

Access: The mosque is located on Independentei (Independence) Street no. 2,  the former Turkish school on Independentei (Independence) Street no. 4.