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The yellowhammer (Emberiza citrinella) is a bird from the order of Passeriformes, family of buntings (Emberizidae). They are widespread in North-America, Europe, Asia but were also introduces in New-Zealend.  They prefer forest edges, large clearings,  shrubs along roadsides.

The body length is 16-17 cms. The feathers are yellow and brown, the underparts of the male are yellow, the female has more pale colours. The beak is conical, the edges of the tales are white. They are migratory birds, we will find them in Romania between the months of March and December.

At the beginning of the mating season both male and female gather grass and they drop the threads. The nest is built by the female on the ground between grass or on bush or trees. The female lays 4-5 eggs, the chicks hatch after two weeks. They will fly out from the nest in two weeks. Insects are their source of food.

The global population is estimated to 73-186 million individuals, the number of those nesting in Romania is 760-890 thousand pairs.