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Lazar Castle (Lazarea)

The Lazar Castle is one of the most important Renaissance buildings of Transylvania. In the fifteenth century the village was owned by the Lazar family. Formerly on the site of the castle, the Andras family owned a manor house. This manor house was rebuilt by the Lazar’s over several times between 1450 and 1532. In 1631 the manor house was completed with towers, protective walls, and a typical Renaissance façade. The house was also decorated in Renaissance style. The building has a square-shaped plan with four corner bastions. Bethlen Gabor, who later became Prince of Transylvania grew up in the castle. After 1989, the successors required the restitution of the abusively taken property by the Communist state, and the castle vas returned to the Lazar family. Currently it is under renovation, cannot be visited.

Access: Lazarea (Gyergyószárhegy in Hungarian) is 6 km away from Gheorgheni (Gyergyószentmiklós in Hungarian). Arriving in the village from Gheorgheni the castle is on the right side. We can drive until the entrance of the castle. Address: no. 709.